Find the right PayrShop Solution to grow your business

Sell on PayrSHOP
Sell your prouducts to crores of PayrShop customers and businesses in Bangladesh.No listing fees,easy steps and professional support that help you grow your business.

Advertise on PayrShop
Advertise the products you sell on PayrShop through PayrShop Sponsored Products and boost the visibility of your products.

PayrShop Pay (for Merchants)
Lakhs of PayrShop customers can pay on website through a fast and secure checkout with PayrShop Pay.

PayrShop Service Provider Network
Connect with PayrShop's third-party service providers who help you manage your business online,create high quality images and listings 
and FBA transportation.

PayrShop Global Selling
International customers love Bangladeshi products too.Take advantage of the international holiday season - Cyber Monday,Black Friday and Christmas and the increase in demand by selling globally with PayrShop.

PayrShop Business Advisory
Get a paid Account Management service that provides business intelligence-driven strategic insights & inputs to you (seller) in order to help you succeed.

PayrShop (Seller Registration)

Terms & Conditions:

1. Any kind of product seller wishing to take PayrShop .

2. Any product seller such as moblie, grocery, ready food, 
medicine, fashion products etc. can apply for PayrShop.

3. Must have own manpower for home delivery.

4. Product delivery is mandatory within 48 hours after order confirmation.

5. The product price of  PayrShop should be according to the market price.

6.Team PayrShop will provide the necessary software support for Prime Shop.

7.Product returns and refunds will be in accordance with PayrShop's own policy

8.All the responsibilities related to the products of Prime Shop belong to the seller only.